Physical Therapy

  • Addresses low and high tone, stiffness, pain.

  • Gross motor: Transitioning to different positions crawling, half kneel, squatting, sitting, standing, walking, jumping, kicking, running, hopping etc.

  • How a child walks, does he/she fall, walk on different surfaces overall balance and safety

  • Does a child need adaptive equipment?

Occupational Therapy

  • Sensory integration (for our picky eaters), children that are sensitive to touch, sounds, lights and a variety of textures. Children don't feel comfortable when feet are off the ground, or don't like to be dirt. Children that play rough with high pain tolerance are some of the areas we work on.

  • Fine motor to improve handwriting, holding crayons, pencils, painting , cutting,  eating with utensils, dressing and undressing, manipulating a variety of buttons, tying shoe laces, exploring toys and more.... 

  • Attention, concentration, planning, following directions. Does your child attend when name is called? Is your child unable to sit for any period of time? Does your child play with others or mostly by themselves? 

  • Visual Processing, Eye hand coordination ie. catching ball, throwing ball, completing puzzles, scanning, copying lessons from board are other factors to consider to have overall success academically and in daily life.