About Us

Excel Wellness is a multi-discipline rehabilitation service that is dedicated to helping people in our community reach their highest potential and make full recoveries from injury. 


10 reasons why you should choose Excel Rehab Services

  • Intimate 1:1 family setting 

  • Our therapist are well versed in guiding parents to pick the school best fitted for their child and input with IEP's. We also consult with behavioral analyst 

  • We provide in-service to parents on a variety of topic

  • We provide in service to educators

  • Our therapist have experience treating multiple diagnosis such as downs syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, neurological disorders to name a few

  • We incorporate holistic/natural tenets to deal with common cold, asthma, autism etc​. 

  • We treat in a variety of settings: park, store, school, home

  • We do our best in accommodating your schedule if you child has more than one service

  • Our therapist have more than 30+ years of experience combined working with children thru adults

  • We speak English, Spanish and Creole

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